Alliance of Educational Associations (AEA)

AEA is a partnership of educational organizations that provides information and acts as a positive influence on legislation to create the best possible educational system for students in Washington State. We are associations who provide leadership through K–12 support services.


  • Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators (WAMOA)—Educational Facilities Professionals Providing a Safe, Secure and Healthy Learning Environment for Student Achievement
  • Washington School Nutrition Association (WSNA)—School Nutrition Professionals Supporting Student Learning Through Provision of Healthy School Meals

2019 Legislative Priorities

A strong and stable K–12 public education system is essential to sustain and ensure the quality of life and economic stability for Washington State citizens. Therefore, we urge the Legislature to:
  • Fully Fund K–12 Basic Education
    Recognize that the current state revenue structure cannot accommodate both increases in K–12 basic education and ensuring ample funding for all K–12 students as a significant number of school districts were not fully funded in the 2018 Legislature’s plan to meet the McCleary requirements. The current situation must be reviewed to ensure that ALL districts are fully funded to comply with the state’s paramount duty to amply fund K–12 basic education, and other necessary state government services are not drastically reduced which could impact our K–12 students.
  • Provide Equitable Education Investments
    In terms of levies and LEA, inequities among districts were exacerbated by capping levy authority of property rich districts at a higher level than neighboring property poor districts, while diminishing levy capacity for all districts at the same time.  AEA urges the 2019 Legislature to adequately reform levy/LEA policies. In addition, the Legislature must ensure school employee health benefit costs are borne by the State, preventing unfunded mandates on school districts.
  • Ensure Adequate School Facilities
    To support school districts’ continuing needs to provide adequate school facilities, the Legislature is urged to enhance the State’s investment in K–12 construction by updating the current, outdated funding formulas for the Construction Cost Allowance and Student Space Allocation to ensure funding more closely reflects actual construction costs and educational space needs, to invest in security-related school facility costs, and to support a simple majority vote for school bonds. 
  • Improve School Safety 
    Due to an increasing need to support students, the Legislature is urged to enhance staff allocations in the areas of Health and Social Services, including school nurses, mental health counselors, guidance counselors and student and staff security personnel. The Legislature is also urged to invest in the State’s nine ESDs to create and support comprehensive Regional Safety Centers.

AEA Board

Kim Elkins
AEA Board Chair
Public Policy and Legislative Chair, WSNA
Mead School District

Leeda Beha
Meals for Kids Legislative Committee, WSNA 
Bethel School District

Jan Campbell-Aikens
Vice President, WSNA
Auburn School District

Paul Harris
President, WAMOA
Tacoma School District

Tom Harris
Past President, WAMOA
Quincy School District

Marina Tanay
Vice President, WAMOA
Sumner-Bonney Lake School District

Doug Vanderleest
Legislative Chair, WAMOA
Franklin Pierce School District

Marcia Wagner
Meals for Kids Legislative Committee, WSNA 
Grandview School District

Dr. Mitchell E. Denning
AEA Consultant

Contact Information

Email: Dr. Mitchell E. Denning, AEA Consultant
Phone: 360.280.1930

7530 Fair Oaks Rd. SE
Olympia, WA 98513