Alliance of Educational Associations (AEA)

AEA is a partnership of educational organizations that provides information and acts as a positive influence on legislation to create the best possible educational system for students in Washington State. We are associations who provide leadership through K–12 support services.


  • Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators (WAMOA)—Educational Facilities Professionals Providing a Safe, Secure and Healthy Learning Environment for Student Achievement
  • Washington School Nutrition Association (WSNA)—School Nutrition Professionals Supporting Student Learning Through Provision of Healthy School Meals

2021 Legislative Priorities

A strong and stable K–12 public education system is essential to sustain and ensure the quality of life and economic stability for Washington State citizens. Therefore, we urge the Legislature to:

Short-Term Priorities Primarily Due to COVID-19’s Effect on K–12 Education
  • Fully Fund K–12 Basic Education
    Notwithstanding the overall revenue shortfall, AEA recognizes that K–12 reductions may be necessary. The Legislature must ensure that reductions do not create or further exacerbate funding inequities among districts. In addition, as federal relief funds become available to districts, they must be promptly appropriated to districts, without supplanting state funding. Finally, due to existing employment contracts and other obligations, we urge the Legislature not to make mid-year reductions.
  • Avoid Mandates
    As the State addresses COVID-19’s economic impacts, the Legislature should avoid imposing additional mandates, funded or not, on school districts. School leaders are already overwhelmed with the implementation of the new funding structure, including an overhaul of staff compensation and local funding with levies and Local Effort Assistance.
  • Support Equitable Access to and Utilization of Technology
    The COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent school closures exposed the current technology gap, including availability and affordability of devices and broadband connectivity. The Legislature must ensure that there is equitable access to technological resources by districts so families can participate in effective student learning opportunities. In addition, the Legislature must provide professional development for staff so they can effectively engage students in online learning. 
Long-Term Priorities Beyond 2021
  • Update Staff Allocation Formulas
    The Prototypical School Funding Model is a fundamental part of the education funding structure. The funding ratios for most staff positions, however, have remained the same since the Model was implemented in 2011. As a result, schools are staffed at outdated and unrealistic staffing levels.
  • Ensure Adequate School Facilities
    School facilities remain a core need, and the Legislature provides a considerable investment in the School Construction Assistance Program. Such grants that are provided, however, use outdated funding formulas that fail to recognize the true cost of construction and today’s educational space needs.

AEA Board

AEA Board Chair
WSNA Vice-President
Grandview School District

Vice President, WAMOA
Mead School District

WSNA President-Elect
Spokane School District

Meals for Kids Legislative Committee, WSNA
Mead School District

Past President, WAMOA
Tacoma School District

Public Policy and Legislative Chair, WSNA
Meals for Kids Legislative Committee, WSNA

President, WAMOA
Sumner-Bonney Lake School District

Legislative Chair, WAMOA
Franklin Pierce School District 


Contact Information

Email: Dr. Mitchell E. Denning, AEA Consultant
Phone: 360.280.1930

7530 Fair Oaks Rd. SE
Olympia, WA 98513