Coronavirus & Pandemic Resources

WASA Members Only Resources
Opinion: Wash Up, Mask Up, and Back Up to Curb COVID-19, Open Schools (Joel Aune)
Hanover Research Resources
Updates for AP Students and Schools Affected by Coronavirus
SBE Emergency Waivers Zoom Video
--SBE Emergency Waivers Zoom PowerPoint
Serving Students with Disabilities Amidst School Closures, Session One
Serving Students with Disabilities Amidst School Closures, Session Two
Harvard Report for Reopening Schools (June 2020)

Resources from WASA Sponsors
Preparing Facilities for Coronavirus (WASA Diamond-Level Sponsor: McKinstry, April 10, 2020)
Your Questions Answered: Preparing Facilities for Shelter-In-Place(WASA Diamond-Level Sponsor: McKinstry, April 15, 2020)
Money Management Through Transitions Webinar (Gesa Credit Union, April 28, 2020)
--Money Managment Participant Workbook

"Testing the Waters: Is it time to go back to school?" Zoom Session Resources


WA State Department of Health
• Behavioral Health Toolbox for Families: Supporting Children and Teens During the COVID-19 Pandemic
• COVID-19 Behavioral Health Group Impact Reference Guide
• Decision Tree for Provision of In Person Learning among K-12 Students at Public and Private Schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic
• COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Planning

AASA Resources and Recommendations
AASA Coronavirus resource page
• Pandemic Flu Checklist K–12 Administrators
• Map: COVID-19 and School Closures
• Meeting Students' Nutritional Needs During a Pandemic: A Resource for School Superintendents
Return to School Roadmap
Emergency Management, School Safety, and Crisis Planning (Includes resources for Prom & Graduation)

Student Data/Privacy Related Content
• Future of Privacy Forum's two-pager on Disclosing Student Information During School Emergencies for Schools (mostly focused on school safety context)
• The newly updated joint HIPAA/FERPA guidance from the US Dept of Ed and HHS
• This 2009 guidance from US Dept of Ed on FERPA and H1N1
• US Department of Ed's 2010 guidance on FERPA and the Disclosure of Student Information Related to Emergencies and Disasters

Special Education
• CASE Considerations for Special Education Administrators

COVID-19 Resources
COVID-19 PowerPoint
Districts supporting student teachers in times of COVID-19

Washington Council of Presidents
• Washington Public Four-Year College & Universities COVID-19 FAQ

National and International Resources
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
• Coronavirus Disease Information
• Pandemic Basics, Strategies for Schools Managing a Pandemic
Readiness and Planning Tool

COVID-19 and Student Learning in the United States: The Hurt Could Last a Lifetime (McKinsey & Company)

World Health Organization (WHO): Coronavirus Updates and Information

U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Pandemic Information

U.S. Department of Labor (OSHA) Website

Responding to Coronavirus: A Downloadable Guide for Schools—from Education Week

National Communications Plan for Reopening Schools—from the Donovan Group

School Practices to Address Student Learning Loss (EdResearch for Recovery)

Imagining September: Principles and design elements for ambitious schools during COVID-19 (Reich, J. & Mehta, J. 2020)

UW study results suggest participation in high school sports is not associated with increased risk of COVID-19 (WSN)

4 ways leaders are keeping teachers motivated through pandemic disruption (Education Dive)

Family Resources
• Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource
• Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus
• When and How to Wash Your Hands
PBS Learning Media: At-Home Learning

Governor's Proclamations and Communications
School Closures Extended Through Remaining 2019–2020 School Year
Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act
• Stay Home—Stay Healthy
• Restrictions for college campuses
• Amendment to the prohibitions of gatherings of 250
• Long-term care worker shortage
Expanding the closure of K–12 schools statewide
Governor's Phase Reopening Chart
Rollback of County-by-County Phased Reopening Responding to a COVID-19 Outbreak Surge