This interactive series is designed to create a community of learners interested in applying racial equity in the P–12 education system. Participants will learn common language, explore the connection of systemic racism and inequities in education and learn tools to apply the lens of racial justice in their work.

Outcomes/Learning Objectives/Participants will:

  • Unpack and reflect on how race and other social identities set up all people to have different degrees of power and privilege in society and within organizations.
  • Examine key “both/and” concepts—what we call “The Paradoxes of Practice”—that support authentic learning and become tools to exploring equity and diversity.
  • Recognize the difference between blame and responsibility, and use that as a platform for accountable relationships.
  • Examine the four different types of racism (internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and structural) and how all people are socialized to hold and uphold them.
  • Begin to examine how racism and other forms of oppression function within society and within organizations.
  • Unpack the work of racial justice, and how it expands upon and differs from the work of diversity, access and inclusion.
  • Begin to develop a “journey mindset,” the understanding that becoming an educator rooted in racial justice is a process that requires sustained commitment to a vision.

Target Audience: District Leaders, School Leaders, Professional Learning Facilitators, Teachers

$65 per session OR special rate of $150 for all 3 sessions

This PD may be eligible for Title II or Title IV funding. This PD also aligns with the Course of Study 06 Equity for Paraeducators. Please contact your program director for more information.  

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DISCLAIMER: All sessions will be recorded.

Clock Hours

Each PD session is eligible for 1.5 clock hours. Participants must be present in real time (for the full duration) of each session to be eligible for clock hours. 

No need to cancel! If you can’t participate live, you will be provided access to the session recording soon after the session ends.

Still wish to cancel? A $25 administrative fee applies to all individual session cancellations or $50 for full series cancellations. No Show = No Refund

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Session 1: Building A Foundation

Saturday, September 26
9–10:30 a.m. PT

Equity Agreements
Examining Both/And Lenses
Defining Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Exploring the work of Racial Justice

Session 2: Why Race

Saturday, October 17
9–10:30 a.m. PT

A look into race
Defining racism
Understanding the 4 types of racism
A historical look at racism in the US and its impact on the education system

Session 3: Unconscious Bias and Micro-Aggressions

Saturday, November 7
9–10:30 a.m. PT

Defining unconscious bias
Making the connection of how unconscious bias
shows up in the education system
Exploring ways to interrupt our own bias
Defining and understanding micro-aggressions
A practice for interrupting micro-aggressions

CEO & Senior Consultant, Potential Unleashed

Jahmad Canley has an endless dedication to empowerment and education for all people. He is internationally known as a top level culture transformation consultant, peak performance coach, author and masterful story teller. Jahmad focuses on helping people and organizations accomplish their goals and fulfill their potential in their personal, professional, and organizational lives. His passion for helping others unleash their potential has provided him the privilege of working with top organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Western Union, USA Swimming and many more.

Getting his start in education over 16 years ago, Jahmad has assisted numerous schools, districts, and educators in their quest to serve all children. Jahmad’s passion for education started when he entered Washington State University through the Future Teachers of Color Program and continued when he helped create several equity programs for the College Success Foundation including the HERO Program (designed to assist High School aged African American, Latino, and Indigenous males gain access to higher education). Now schools around the world utilize Jahmad’s unique experiences and ability to transfer Cognitive Science and Culture Transformation processes to improve student success rates and remove barriers.

Jahmad currently works with schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States, Canada, The Bahamas, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Kenya, South Africa, and Japan. Jahmad currently leads diversity,equity, and inclusion work in several school districts around the country and is looked to as a trusted consultant for even more individual schools on the topic.

Jahmad’s ability to combine his energy and passion with a sense of humor and innate sincerity enables him to connect with a wide range of audiences and empower them to achieve the growth and change they earnestly desire. So whether it’s a group of students, staff or faculty, transformation is the result.

“I have learned that most people all over the world want the same thing...a better world for themselves, their families, and their communities. What keeps us trapped is often the lack of knowledge or the lack of a process. I believe that to truly serve others, we must provide them with both a process and knowledge. The hour is late, the time is short, the task is great and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jahmad Canley

In addition to his work, Jahmad is a dedicated family man and community member. In fact you’ll often find his wife, two daughters, and son traveling alongside him in support at various events. Jahmad is a dividend of Tacoma Public Schools and in addition to currently being a parent he is also the founder of the Tacoma Gents program. Tacoma Gents works with young men of color in the 3rd to 5th grades teaching L.I.F.E. (leadership, image/integrity, financial literacy, and etiquette) skills. The program is now in it's 5th year in partnership with Tacoma Public Schools.