Alliance of Educational Associations (AEA)

AEA is a partnership of educational organizations that provides information and acts as a positive influence on legislation to create the best possible educational system for students in Washington State. We are associations who provide leadership through K–12 support services.


  • Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators (WAMOA)—Educational Facilities Professionals Providing a Safe, Secure and Healthy Learning Environment for Student Achievement
  • Washington School Nutrition Association (WSNA)—School Nutrition Professionals Supporting Student Learning Through Provision of Healthy School Meals

2017 Legislative Priorities

A strong and stable K–12 public education system is essential to sustain and ensure the quality of life and economic stability for Washington State citizens. Therefore, we urge the legislature to:
  • Comply with Paramount Duty
    Provide ample funding for all K–12 students by implementing the new basic education finance system as adopted in ESHB 2261 (2009) and SHB 2776 (2010). To ensure the new system is completely implemented with full and equitable funding by 2018, as ordered by the Supreme Court in McCleary v. State, the Legislature must demonstrate steady progress toward compliance with the Constitution in the 2016 Session.
  • Ensure Competitive Public School Employee Compensation
    Recognize that in our mutual commitment to increase student achievement, prioritizing resource solutions that will positively impact learning is critical. Current basic education labor costs must be funded first before any reduction in the local levy. Failure to do so will undermine any other steps the Legislature takes to fully fund basic education and will place districts in financial jeopardy.
  • Ensure Adequate School Facilities
    Recognize that a plan to address basic education enhancements to comply with the McCleary decision also includes the provision for sufficient capital facilities to house teachers and students as K–12 class sizes are lowered and all-day Kindergarten is expanded as per ESHB 2261 and SHB 2776. Changes to the existing School Construction Assistance Formula should be made to meet this increased housing demand. In addition, support a simple majority vote for school bonds, as the need for expanded facilities is imminent.
  • Review and Reform the Current Regressive Structure for Collection of State Revenue
    Recognize that reform of the Washington State tax structure is needed to ensure the Legislature is able to fully comply with the Constitutional Paramount Duty with “regular and dependable” sources of funding and also prevent drastic reductions of other necessary government services, which would have significant direct and indirect impacts on K–12 education..

AEA Board

State Legislative Chair, WSNA
Mead School District

Meals for Kids Legislative Committee, WSNA
Arlington School District

Meals for Kids Legislative Committee, WSNA 
Bethel School District

Federal Legislative Chair, WSNA
Bellevue School District

Legislative Chair, WAMOA
Tacoma School District

President, WAMOA
Quincy School District

Vice President, WAMOA
Central Kitsap School District

Legislative Chair, WAMOA
Tacoma School District

Dr. Mitchell E. Denning, AEA Consultant
7530 Fair Oaks Rd. SE, Olympia, WA 98513

Contact Information

Email: Dr. Mitchell E. Denning, AEA Consultant
Phone: 360.280.1930

7530 Fair Oaks Rd. SE
Olympia, WA 98513