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Member Services

WASA active member services include access to extensive professional development opportunities throughout the year, liability insurance, and legal services for due process, contract, and other related professional assignment issues.

In addition, WASA provides individual assistance for members with questions and concerns regarding employment information, administrative situations, and problem solving. WASA members have extensive opportunities for ongoing networking, including peer idea exchanges in job-alike component groups, as well as more expansive situations.

WASA member benefits include regular informational mailings, electronic information sharing, and critical information focus documents included in our communications services. Active members enjoy a sense of professional commitment and active engagement in making a difference in the lives of students and student learning.


Career Advancement

Email John Dekker for additional information.

Attracting, developing, and retaining competent, visionary leaders is essential to the success of our educational system. WASA provides career assistance through the following services: 

  • Career Connection - This online professional listing service publicizes administrative positions available within Washington and neighboring states.
  • Career Counseling - This service is available to members contemplating position changes. Contract design and interpretation, responses to legal and technical questions, back-up data for negotiations and on-the-scene support in the event of a district emergency or individual problem are also part of the services available to all WASA members. Contact John Dekker for additional information.
  • Superintendent Mentor Program - This program assists new or current administrators to become more proficient in their jobs. Pairs are matched from the same region and special informative meetings also may be scheduled. Contact John Dekker for additional information.

Government Relations

Contact Dan Steele for additional information.

WASA maintains an active governmental relations program. Legislative activities include:

  • Developing and analyzing legislation.
  • Providing and coordinating testimony at hearings.
  • Preparing education impact statements and special reports.
  • Acting as liaison with legislators and staff.
  • Organizing legislative strategies with members and coordinating efforts with other agencies and associations.
  • Polling membership through "faxback" surveys for use with the media and the legislature.
  • Coordinating the legislative agendas and strategies for the Alliance of Education Associations and the Association of Educational Service Districts.
  • Communicating weekly during session to members through WASA's This Week in Olympia (TWIO) newsletter.

Professional Development

Contact Helene Paroff for additional information.

WASA is committed to supporting and improving leadership through a variety of professional development programs and events. More than 20 conferences and workshops are sponsored or cosponsored by WASA each year. WASA members receive a discounted member rate for all workshops and conferences. 

Contract Services

Contact John Dekker for additional information.

WASA consultants are experienced school administrators who are available to provide advice and information on a variety of subjects based on their own experiences and knowledge. Contract services include:

  • Management & Operational Reviews
  • School Construction Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Legislative Assistance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Washington State EduPortal®

Professional Assistance Program

Contact Bill Keim for additional information.

WASA places a high priority on supporting its members 24 hours a day. The executive staff are experienced, professional colleagues who are available to advise members on personal and professional matters in all situations related to their roles a education leaders.

  • Advice and Counsel - WASA will provide the counsel of qualified, experienced administrators to any member who faces a problem or potential problem related to his or her professional assignment. WASA’s executive director will arrange for confidential help.
  • Legal Services - WASA members have a $250,000 Educators Professional Liability Policy to protect them in the legal situations they face daily. Sponsored by WASA, the policy is available at no additional cost to members.Members also are eligible for legal assistance with due process, contract rights and other issues related to their professional assignment. WASA’s contribution for legal assistance is up to $2,500.
  • Ethics Assistance - In 1999, the WASA Board of Directors adopted a Code of Ethics to provide guidance to WASA members. The WASA administrative team is available to provide advice and counsel for members on ethical issues they may encounter as a result of their district or professional responsibilities.
  • Problem Solving - WASA provides the networking capability within the organization or in concert with other agencies to assist school districts or members in problem resolution.
  • Conflict Intervention - Conflict intervention among parties within school districts is sometimes needed. Teams composed of representatives from WASA, the Washington State School Directors’ Association and the Association of Washington School Principals are available to assist in diffusing conflicts between board/superintendent, board/staff or board member/board member and to recommend positive alternatives.
  • Contract Review - Whether negotiating a new employment contract or updating an existing one, WASA provides contract evaluation and recommendations to support members in a variety of employment positions.
  • Mentorship - WASA provides peer mentors for all new superintendents. Mentors for any new or experienced WASA members will be appointed upon request.
  • Career Counseling - Confidential and professional support is available for all members with assistance in their career paths, employment opportunities, and contract development.
  • Retirement Counseling - WASA staff members can assist WASA members in preparing for retirement.


Contact Bill Keim for additional information.

The WASA Hotline is the association's monthly newsletter (except July). It includes summaries of board action, planned region and statewide events, news articles about colleagues, articles on timely issues, plus abstracts of current developments affecting members.

Special materials distributed throughout the year include:

  • Legislative guides.
  • Legislative reports.
  • Survey results.
  • Levy updates.
  • Education reform documents.
  • Annual publications include pictorial directories by region (distributed to WASA active members) and annual reports.

Honors and Awards

  • WASA's Honorary Awards - WASA annually honors and recognizes outstanding educational administrators and individuals in other professions who have made extraordinary contributions to K-12 education.  
  • PEMCO Robert J. Handy Most Effective Administrator Awards - Established in 2002, these awards (presented annually to based on three district-size categories) seek to recognize outstanding Washington public school administrators.
  • AASA National Superintendent of the Year Program - WASA assists in the coordination of this program. More information is available at www.aasa.org.


Administrator Scholarships



Contact Dan Steele for additional information.

Through the School Information and Research Service, Inc., a WASA-managed enterprise, school districts and WASA members can receive research findings on current educational issues.





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