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Join us this summer for one of the largest conferences in Washington state for principals and superintendents! The focus will continue to be on teacher/principal evaluations, Common Core and Next Generation Science. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, network with your peers and relax in the beautiful city of Spokane.

When Everyone Leads: Why We Need Meaningful Partnerships Between School Principals and Their Central Offices to Realize Improved Teaching and Learning at Scale
Meredith Honig, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Washington (UW), Director of the UW-Leadership for Learning (Ed.D.) program, and a partner at the UW Center for Educational Leadership.

Meredith Honig’s research, teaching, and district partnerships focus on how educational leaders and organizations innovate and collaborate to realize improved learning outcomes for students at scale. She has examined how administrators lead reforms that challenge the status quo in central offices including school-community partnerships, new small autonomous schools initiatives, and efforts to improve teaching and learning district-wide.

Five Timeless Principles for 21st Century Leaders
Rod Olson, 21st Century Coaching Leadership Specialist, Author, and Speaker

Rod Olson, or “Coach O,” is the founder and CEO of the Coaches of Excellence Institute and the Coach O Consulting Group. Rod is a globally sought-after speaker, author, and advisor on 21st-century coaching, leadership, and parenting.

Following a twenty-year college coaching career, Rod has trained over 100,000 leaders nationwide. He has taught leadership at Quantico for the U.S. DEA Leadership Academy, motivation at the USA Olympic Coaching Schools, and peak performance to the Pittsburgh Pirates major league baseball club and many more. Rod has also mentored numerous CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, as well as many head coaches at all levels of sport.

Governor Inslee’s Priorities and the Education Leadership Role in Washington’s Future
Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel, Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office

You’ve got to be in the game to get good at the game! It is time for education leaders to take their turn at bat. We can provide hope and promise of commitment to quality public education by stepping up to the plate. Mary Alice will present Governor Inslee’s priorities, the opportunity for success moving forward and approaching accountability and messaging collectively.


“The Unlikely Teacher” Life Lessons from a Bad Student
Tim Clue, Former Teacher Turned Motivational Humorist

Tim Clue was one of the most unlikely pupils to ever become a teacher. Challenged by dyslexia and ADHD as a young man, Tim began his creative work in the classroom as a college-level teacher and speech coach, which spring-boarded him into a life of professional humor and instruction. Tim harvests from his decades as a teacher and comedian, weaving an inspiringly funny and motivational tale that speaks directly to an educators’ angst over the key issues of our time.







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